Doc. Algimanto Šimkaus vidaus ir endokrininių ligų klinika „Therapia scientifica“

 Private clinic of internal diseases and endocrinology

"Therapia Scientifica" ("Scientific Therapy") of A. Simkus, M.D., Assoc. prof.


Internal diseases, as well as nervous and skin diseases related with them, are treated effectively. Well-known and clinically approved drugs are administered using their little-known qualities and applying them for new purposes. Drugs are used in small and secure doses. Scientific works performed by fellows of the enterprise and experience of outstanding Lithuanian physicians of the past are put into practice. Physicians of our enterprise belong to well-known dynasty of Lithuanian doctors originating from the beginning of 20th century.  

Thyroid nodules are cured rapidly. Some of the drugs are being injected into thyroid nodules directly. Besides ethanol injections, 2 more categories of drugs are used for this purpose. Thus surgery of thyroid gland with its negative consequences is avoided.

Diabetes mellitus is treated. In cases of newly diagnosed diabetes total or partial remissions of diabetes are achieved for 57,3% of adults resulting in discontinuation of insulin and other hypoglycemic drugs or in considerable reduction of their doses.   Currently we apply 3 treatment methods for diabetes which may be combined in order to achieve the best results.

Heart rhythm disorders are treated successfully; e.g.  premature beats are quickly eliminated.

Angina pectoris caused by coronary artery disease is treated; drugs providing immediate full relief of chest pain and protecting from myocardial infarction are prescribed. They are particularly useful when medical aid is away - on trip, on holiday, etc. These drugs are much more effective than nitroglycerin.

Chronic bronchitis,  gastric  and  duodenal ulcers, colitis  are successfully treated as well.

Epilepsy is cured for children and adults in short time. Multiple sclerosis or encephalomyelitis is also treated effectively. These nervous diseases are considered to be the result of inflammation in brain cells and therefore they are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and also with unique Lithuanian herb preparations.

We can deliver consultations by correspondence, phone/fax or email as well. Questions can be sent to the address: A. Simkus, M.D., Assoc. prof., Savanoriu pr. 287-329, 50127 Kaunas, Lithuania; or by phone/fax +370-37-311579; by email to


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